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Weekly top reads

Industry news top reads 20-26 May 2016

27 May 2016

Below are our top reads from the last seven days of industry news*. Every Friday we'll publish our picks from industry developments, stories and announcements right here so you can keep you up to date with what's happening in payments here and overseas.

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Top reads

Implications of a cashless society for New Zealand
Following on from our ‘two sides of the coin’ article about cash usage in NZ last week, we now examine the implications of a cashless society for NZ. As more electronic payment options become available, many commentators have said that a cashless society isn’t too far away. This second article in our series on cash in New Zealand examines the arguments for and against a cashless society.

Payment via Robot
Pizza Hut Asia customers will soon be placing orders and paying via robot. MasterCard has unveiled the first commerce application for SoftBank Robotics’ humanoid robot, “Pepper”. The new app, powered by MasterPass, extends the robot’s ability to integrate customer service, access to information and sales into a seamless and consistent user experience. Pizza Hut Asia will be piloting Pepper for order-taking and personalised engagement to enhance customer service in-store by the end of 2016.

Bitcoin production will drop by half in July. How will that affect the price?
One of the most fascinating aspects of the Bitcoin narrative is the trajectory of its price. Soon, it will reach a milestone that could boost the price even further — what is known in the Bitcoin community as a halving event.

US retailers should seek to own mobile payments
A panel discussion at the recent ShopTalk conference in the US, highlighted an important and emerging trend for big box retailers to launch their own mobile payments system as a way to keep their brand top-of-mind with consumers. Since Walmart announced plans for its own mobile payments system in December, rumours began to circulate that Kohl's and Target were thinking along similar lines.

UK payments startup Curve partners with Wirecard
London payments startup Curve, the company with plans to replace all the plastic in consumers’ wallets with just one card, is taking another step toward full public launch. It named German technology firm Wirecard as its launch partner to provide the payments infrastructure behind the Curve card.

Samsung to partner with Alibaba on mobile payments in China
According to industry and business sources Samsung and Alibaba will be joining forces on mobile payments. Under the deal Samsung smartphone customers will be able to use Alipay, both online and offline.

100 thieves steal $13m in three hours from cash machines across Japan
Members of an international crime syndicate are suspected of stealing more than 1.4bn yen (US$12.7m) from cash machines in Japan in an audacious three hour heist that involved thousands of coordinated withdrawals. Police believe that as many as 100 people, who remain at large, worked together using forged credit cards containing account details illegally obtained from a bank in South Africa.


*These articles cover a range of topics from broad payments industry news here and overseas. They do not represent the views of Payments NZ and are not endorsements.

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