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Payments Direction

Payments Direction

In early 2015 we kicked off Payments Direction, a strategic initiative to help us better understand what the future of payments might look like and determine the work Payments NZ will need to do to effectively contribute to maintaining a progressive payments ecosystem.

Payments Direction is continuing into 2016 with a range of engagement activities designed to involve the industry in discussions about strategic opportunities and priorities. To support these discussions, we’ve made the key reports from this initiative publically available.

**UPDATE Aug 2016**
A 2016 Environmental scan refresh report is now available below. The report looks at the themes from our original 2015 environmental scan and assesses them against the developments that have occurred in the year since.


Payments Direction has three companion outputs: an environmental scan, a future view of the ecosystem, and a Payments NZ strategic roadmap.

The environmental scan was based on comprehensive research and qualitative surveying. Our research examined the global trends and issues relevant to our economy and payments system and the potential impact of those trends on New Zealand. Our research also included two Payments NZ authored discussion documents: Re-mastering payments messaging and Payments Now. And the qualitative surveying was of New Zealand consumers, businesses and payments organisations.

Our future view of the payments ecosystem draws on both the results from our environmental scan and the key factors we think are likely to shape New Zealand’s future payments ecosystem. This view is set out in our Payments 2025 report.

The six elements which make up our future view in Payments 2025, along with the findings of our environmental scan, are being used to help shape Payments NZ’s strategic roadmap which is currently under development.

Our future view reports


pdf.png  Payments Direction: Payments 2025 report (PDF 9,346KB)
Drawing on the environmental scan research, Payments 2025 identifies the key factors likely to influence our payments ecosystem over the next 10 years and six future view elements we think will characterise New Zealand’s payments ecosystem of 2025.


pdf.png  Payments Direction: 2015 Environmental scan report (PDF 5,558KB)
This scan report consolidates the findings from our wide ranging and extensive review of local and international research. It outlines the trends and influences that could affect the payments ecosystem over the next decade. We have then identified 5 key themes that describe the trends and influences currently occurring in payments.


pdf.png  Payments Direction: 2016 Environmental scan refresh (PDF 534KB)
This scan refresh looks at the themes from our original 2015 environmental scan and assesses them against the developments that have occurred in the year since. The findings of this 2016 scan support the themes from our original scan and also point to the increasing pace of change underway across payments around the world.

Our research reports


pdf.png  Payments Direction: Insights and perspectives – consumer survey results summary (PDF 513KB)
We commissioned leading market research firm, Ispos, to undertake a consumer insights survey on our behalf and this is a summary of those results. The results of this survey, along with surveys of a range of New Zealand businesses and payments organisations, were used to reinforce the research findings in our 2015 Environmental scan report and help build our future view outlined in the Payments 2025 report.


pdf.png  Discussion paper: Re-mastering payments messaging (PDF 629KB)
A study of New Zealand’s strategic opportunity to adopt the ISO 20022 payments messaging standard.


pdf.png  Research paper: Payments Now (PDF 1,728)
An overview of a number of international real-time payment systems.


pdf.png  Benchmarking New Zealand’s payment systems (PDF 2,542KB)

Our benchmarking report assesses New Zealand against 10 to 15 comparable countries, across all payment systems and payment instruments. The report uses a range of metrics, calculations and analysis to reveal how Kiwis’ payments usage stacks up against other countries, and identifies our comparative strengths and weaknesses.


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