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Industry at a Glance 9-Sep-14

10 September 2014

Australian News


The iPhone 6 ripple effects reach far
Source: The Age Business Headlines
Date Published: 04/09/2014

With less than a week until the launch of the iPhone 6 the buzz around Apple has reached fever pitch.

Some credit card fees are for the greater good
Source: The Age Business Headlines
Date Published: 08/09/2014

There's plenty to complain about in our financial system, but one issue seems to have really hit a nerve with the public: credit card surcharges.

Current Issues


Make it easier to sell to the growing Chinese market
Source: Scoop NZ - Business
Date Published: 03/09/2014

Make it easier to sell NZ services and products to the growing Chinese market – Smartpay

Inside Money: Welcome to the post-cheque world
Source: New Zealand Herald - Opinion
Date Published: 04/09/2014

The post-person delivered me two items of historical interest: a cheque and a credit card.Of the two, I preferred the cheque but, like the postal service itself, both pieces of antiquated financial technology could be close to extinction.The

Paymark signs switching deal with EFTPOS New Zealand
Source: Scoop NZ - Business
Date Published: 04/09/2014

Auckland, 04 September 2014; Paymark and EFTPOS New Zealand (ENZ) have signed a deal that will see Paymark provide outsourced payment processing services to ENZ for the next 5 years. ENZ has signed an initial contract with Paymark to partially

Apple seeks old magic with new products
Source: 3 News - Technology
Date Published: 06/09/2014

All eyes are on Apple's next big thing to be launched this week, with talk centering on a bigger iPhone and possibly an iWatch.

Member Banks


Modern piggy banks proving a smash
Source: Scoop NZ - Business
Date Published: 08/09/2014

ASB has today shed some light on what Kiwis are tucking their pennies away for. As expected, our most popular priorities include children, overseas trips and Christmas.



Celeb hacking clouds Apple product launch
Source: - Technology
Date Published: 04/09/2014

Apple has often displayed uncanny timing, with its well-orchestrated end-of-year iPhone releases. But in the past few days put the company in the unusual position of having to mend its image just days before a highly anticipated September 9 product launch.

Google refunds $19m in-app purchases
Source: - Digital living
Date Published: 05/09/2014

Google has agreed to refund at least US$19 million (NZ$22.9 million) to parents who were unfairly billed for charges racked up by children playing video games such as Ice Age Village and Air Penguins on smartphones and tablets.

Microchip implant ahead of iPhone 6 release
Source: - Technology
Date Published: 07/09/2014

With a wave of his left hand, Ben Slater can open his front door, turn on the lights and will soon be able to start his car. Without even a touch he can link to databases containing limitless information, including personal details such as names, addresses and health records.

Inside an ICT ‘shared services-plus’ model
Source: CIO
Date Published: 08/09/2014

Deane Johns, chief information officer of the New Zealand Association of Credit Unions, talks about delivering shared services and more to its member organisations.

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