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The Hub

The Hub March 2017

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We’re running our next industry event at the end of March in both Wellington and Auckland.

**The Hub March 2017 is now fully booked in both locations.**

However, if you would like to go on a waiting list, please complete the registration form stating your preferred location.

Tuesday 28 March 2017
2.30pm - 5.00pm
Majestic Centre
Level 28
100 Willis Street
Thursday 30 March 2017
2.30pm - 5.00pm
101 Pakenham Street West
Wynyard Quarter

The Hub is an industry event we run periodically to give the payments community an opportunity to network, discuss topical issues and learn about emerging trends. Our topic for The Hub March 2017 is:

The age of the empowered customer – are we meeting their expectations?

We live in an age where consumers are more informed and have more choice than ever before. Today’s consumer expects a personalised experience and wants products and services that enrich their lives. They want to feel valued. They expect to be rewarded for their loyalty and companies need to work hard to earn their trust. So how well are we meeting these expectations? How could we be doing it better?

Our guest speakers at The Hub this March will give us some insights into answering those questions.

Paul Robert, Financial Services Leader and Partner at EY, will share insights from their consumer banking survey. They surveyed how much Kiwis trust banks to keep their money safe, protect their personal information, and provide unbiased advice. Paul will also provide an overview on where NZ rank’s on EY’s relevance index and the importance of providing customers with the experiences they want.

Jonathan Dodd, Research Director at Ipsos, will be talking about behavioural change. With today’s consumer experiencing so much through a screen, they are developing digital expectations regardless of sector and this is creating implications for service providers. Working with these consumer expectations and behavioural changes is a challenge for all of us and Jonathan will share his thoughts on how service providers need to start thinking more broadly outside their sector and usual channels.

Credit Simple
Credit Simple takes credit checks to the next level by providing easy access to credit information. Hazel Phillips will explain how they’ve reinvigorated an old, complicated and long-winded process to give power back to the modern day consumer. Hazel will explain the Credit Simple point of difference and what uptake has been like in New Zealand and in Australia.

Kiwibank FinTech Accelerator
Rosie Wall, Programme Manager at the Kiwibank FinTech Accelerator, will give us an overview of New Zealand’s first FinTech Accelerator. The programme is providing innovative Kiwi startups with the support they need to take new financial products and services to global markets. We’ll hear about the eight FinTech ventures in the Accelerator and the unexpected challenges they've faced. Rosie will also share what they’ve learned, the trends they are seeing in FinTech, and where they think NZ is lagging and leading.


2.30pm  Pre-event networking

3.00pm  Introductions: Welcome and housekeeping.

3.10pm  Opening presentation from Payments NZ: Our Chief Executive, Steve Wiggins, will kick off the afternoon providing an update on the payments trends that are driving changes in the industry both locally and globally.

3.40 – 4.55pm Guest speakers:

  • EY consumer banking survey results - Paul Robert, Financial Services Leader and Partner, EY (20 mins)
  • What consumers really want and why they expect so much - Jonathan Dodd, Research Director, Ipsos (20 mins)
  • Customer empowerment – a real world example - Hazel Phillips, Credit Simple (20 mins)
  • Kiwibank FinTech Accelerator - Rosie Wall, Programme Manager (15 mins)

4.55pm  Wrap up: Steve Wiggins, Chief Executive, Payments NZ

5.00pm  Networking drinks and nibbles


**The Hub March 2017 is now fully booked in both locations.**

If you would like to go on a waiting list, please complete the registration form stating your preferred location.

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