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Speaker presentations - Day one (part 2)

We're pleased to be able to make available some of the speaker presentations from our 2014 Get to THE POINT conference.

Quickfire presentation

Kerry Burridge, Director, Burridge Consulting

Slides:  pdf.png The economic aspirations of the Pacific region and the role of payments (PDF 1,807 KB)

Quickfire presentation

Richard Neves, Financial Secretary, Ministry of Finance and Economic Development, Cook Islands

Slides:  pdf.png The needs of a sovereign government in the Cook Islands (PDF 719 KB)

Quickfire presentation

Vaine Nooana-Arioka, Managing Director, Bank of the Cook Islands

Slides:  pdf.png Customer challenges the Pacific banks are tackling head on - a Cook Island perspective (PDF 1,687 KB)

Quickfire presentation

Mike Mullis, Sales Manager Papua New Guinea/Pacific, O3b Networks 

Slides: pdf.png Transforming digital payment infrastructure across the Pacific (PDF 2,383 KB)


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