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A New CEO for Payments NZ

21 January 2014

Payments NZ Limited announced today the appointment of Steve Wiggins as its new Chief Executive Officer effective January 23, 2014. Steve has over 25 years of leadership experience in a range of sectors including financial, energy and consulting services. 

Steve Wiggins replaces Payments NZ’s first Chief Executive Officer Steve Nichols who was influential in building the organisation from its commencement three years ago.  Nichols’ work has been instrumental in establishing Payments NZ at the center of New Zealand’s payment industry.

 “The comprehensive search for a new CEO ensured we met with talented people from around the country representing leaders from our broad payments industry and networks,” said Tony McNeil, Chairman of the Board of Payments NZ. “We are very pleased that Steve has agreed to lead the team in moving forward the mission and vision of this organisation.  Steve is a proven leader with a solid understanding of the many stakeholders involved in shaping the future of the payment systems.”

Steve most recently served as General Manager Marketing, Sales and Customer Services with Gareth Morgan Investments, where his team consistently delivered market leading and award winning customer service and communications. Steve has had direct senior management experience in a leading payments business responsible for the processing of $3b worth of value per year.

Payments NZ sets and manages the rules and standards for the payment systems. With over $35 billion in financial transactions per day, it is critical to ensure the payment system maximises integrity, efficiency and security.  Payments NZ works with industry organisations to ensure that the financial traffic passing through the payment systems is timely, accurate and within the bounds of the rules and standards of trade.

 As a neutral, non-competitive organisation overseeing payment systems; Payments NZ helps ensure the best interests of all stakeholders are considered in the evolution of system improvements.  Payments NZ’s dedication to collaboration, partnerships and ensuring a level playing field in a fast moving industry is critical to achieving a cohesive and sophisticated payment system.  Such a system that takes into consideration the best interests of all industry organisations, works to the highest standards and is amongst the best in the world.


For further information contact:

Sam Prescott

Telephone: +64 4 460 2383 | Mobile: +64 21 112 2974


Johanna McIntosh, Communications Manager Payments NZ

Telephone: +64 09 927 4236 | Mobile: +64 21 677 014

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